crisp's presidential youth debate
president clinton and republican challenger bob dole have finally responded to concerns from young voters nationwide in the first-ever online presidential youth debate. difficult questions - such as issues regarding same-sex marriages and the direction of the supreme court with three justices poised to step down over the next few years - invoked difficult responses which have never been delivered in previous debates.

responses were limited to 300 words, though that limit was often a certain president...but we sincerely thank both parties for participating during their frenetic final week. (thank you, sincerely.)

so: enjoy/empower/enlighten yourself. or at least remember to vote on tuesday.

1) THANKS TO DOWNSIZING, THE INTERNET AND inexpensive computer equipment, many young adults today start their own companies rather than join large corporations. If elected, what do you plan to do to make the lives of these young entrepreneurs easier and more prosperous?

-- Moderator Deroy Murdock (click for bio), 32


2) WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU OFFER JONATHAN, a real-life 27-year-old ex-Blood gang member in Los Angeles? He has three felony convictions and two children, and is working for sub-minimum wage because he cannot find work. What will you do to help the millions of ex-convicts who want to work in legitimate enterprise become full members of American society?

-- Moderator Farai Chideya (click for bio), 27


3) BOTH OF YOU HAVE SUPPORTED THE IDEA of a Bi-partisan commission to reform Medicare and Social Security. Today, these programs consume total payroll (FICA) taxes of 15.3 percent, the highest single tax paid by most young workers. Will you pledge that if you are elected, you will not raise FICA taxes, at all, on workers or their employers?

-- Richard Thau, 31


4) EXPLAIN WHY ALCOHOL is legal and marijuana is illegal?

-- Topher LaFata, 24


5) DO YOU BELIEVE gays and lesbians should have the same rights as heterosexuals, and, if so, why can't they marry like heterosexuals do?

-- Rachel Dobkin, 28


6) WHAT ARE YOUR FEELINGS about the current practice of affirmative action? Do you have any plans to terminate it or ensure that the practice of reverse discrimination is being avoided?

-- Debra Lavin, 20


7) IN THE NEXT FEW YEARS, three Supreme Court Justices will probably step down. What direction do you intend to take the Court, and what kind of people from what kinds of backgrounds do you intend to appoint to fill those vacancies?

-- Ria Mendoza, 23


8) WHEN CANDIDATES SPEAK of the future ("a bridge to the 21st century," etc.) they only speak about the next four years. What are you planning to do to prepare for the next 20, 50, 100 years?

-- Paul Wasserman, 24


9) DID YOU TRY to stay out of the military? If so, why?

-- Mel Tyborski, 28


10) IS PROMOTING DEMOCRACY abroad an "American Interest," and, if so, does it justify the loss of American lives?

-- David Frame, 27


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